Professional Striping Install & Removal Tools

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Plastic Squeegee for Stripe Application

Plastic Squeegee for Professional Stripe Application.
Teflon on one edge. Felt on the other edge.

$5.50 per squeegee.

Rapid Tac Stripe Application Fluid

Stripe Application Fluid.
Helps the amatuer installer with a bubble free install on rolls 2" & up.
32oz bottle with sprayer top (top not shown in photo).

$19.75 per bottle.

Rapid Remover. 32 oz. Bottle

Pro Adhesive Remover. Cleanly removes all adhesive residue. 32oz. bottle with sprayer top. Comes with plastic scraper (not shown).

$36.00 per bottle.

Spacing Tape

Installing Multiple Stripes?

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Make getting that perfect gap between stripes a breeze with our exclusive spacing tape!